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Diverse Magazine asks: "Where Are They Now?"
Faculty Mentoring
Department chairs and faculty are involved in all aspects of the program, including recruitment, teaching, mentoring research and special events and activities.
Hands-On Experience
All Meyerhoff Scholars are exposed to research early on in order to gain hands-on experience and to develop a clearer understanding of what studying science entails.
Achieving Our Goals
The Meyerhoff Scholars Program emphasizes the goal of achieving a research-based Ph.D.
Study to Succeed
Meyerhoff Scholars consistently rank study groups as one of the most positive, beneficial aspects of the program.

About the Meyerhoff Scholars Program

The Meyerhoff Scholars Program is at the forefront of efforts to increase diversity among future leaders in science, technology, engineering and related fields. The UMBC Meyerhoff family is now more than 1200 strong, with 900 alumni across the nation and 290 students enrolled at UMBC. Over 300 graduates are currently pursuing graduate and professional degrees in STEM fields.  Read More >

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