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Resources for Parents

Parents of Meyerhoff Scholars continue to play an integral part in their student’s success even after acceptance into the program. The program’s family-like environment creates a campus-based support system that is available to students and parents alike. Meyerhoff staff members are just a phone call or email away. Parents remain actively engaged in the success of their student throughout his/her tenure at UMBC.

Many parents become involved in the Meyerhoff Parents Association, which serves as a fundraising and mutual support resource.

Parents of prospective Meyerhoff Scholars may be interested in the following information:

  • How to Apply – Learn about program eligibility requirements and step-by-step information about the application process, as well as access to pertinent forms
  • Scholar Experience – Obtain information on current Meyerhoff Scholars, their research, and the level of faculty support inherent in the program, as well as spotlight profiles on several Meyerhoff alumni
  • About UMBC – Discover more about UMBC, its mission and vision, visitor information, and links to the university’s latest news and achievements
  • Meyerhoff Parents Association – See how Meyerhoff parents are involved in the program; learn about the association’s mission and scheduled activities; and flip through a photo gallery of past events
  • MPA FAQ 2020 – This list of frequently asked questions and their answers was compiled for the most part by the parents of current and former Meyerhoff Scholars
  • Meyerhoff Selection Weekend – Parents Orientation PPT 2020