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Meyerhoff Parents Association

The mission of the Meyerhoff Parents Association is to support and perpetuate the Meyerhoff Scholars Program by fostering unification among scholarship recipients (past and present), as well as among their families.

Along with a Board of Directors, each current Meyerhoff cohort has at least one Class Representative. Parents of Meyerhoff alumni are also represented on the Board.

The parents association is involved in a number of student-centric activities throughout the year, including Selection Weekend, Summer Bridge, and a winter stress-buster event. Learn more about the activities scheduled for this year or view photos from past events.

All Meyerhoff parents are encouraged to participate. Contact the Meyerhoff Parents Association at to learn more.

View the current Parent Association Bylaws.

2014 – 2015 Board of Directors

President: Regina J. Bracey (M25)

Vice President: Karen Furman (M25)

Recording Secretary: Monique Robinson (M24) & M26)

Corresponding Secretary: Mary Beth Lopresti (M23)

Treasurer: Stephen Omokehinde (M24)

Historian: Karen Rayfield (M16 & M23)

Cohort Representatives



Anu Bajpai

Pamela Paige

Bill Rayfield

Betsy Davis


Remi Adejumo

Haley Besner

Darlene Shirley

Shailesh Shah


Tereza Berhane

Salwa Salib

Karen Watkins-Lewis

Elizabeth Ocasio


John Mezu

Mercedes Rashford

Yvonne A. Clark

Dan Taylor

Alumni Representatives

Antonia Nwogbo (M21)

Roxanne Hughes-Wheatland (M16)

Edie Windsor (M13)

Nancy & John Clark (M20)

Vidia Maharaj (M18)

Dagmar Kolarick (M22)

Jane Ciupek (M17)