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Our Scholars

Freshman Class Profile Fall 2017

Cohort Total: 48
Average Math SAT: 700
Average High School GPA: 4.2

Males 23
Females 25


American Indian 1
African-American 31
Asian/Pacific Islander 4
Caucasian 6
Hispanic 6

The Meyerhoff Scholars Program challenges notions about minority achievement. The goals and success of the program have changed many students own minds about their academic and career aspirations. In turn, Meyerhoff Scholars have changed the perceptions of those around them the expectations of faculty who instruct them, the attitudes of students who learn beside them, and the perspectives of scientists who engage them in research.

Meyerhoff Scholars turn the typical stereotype of a minority student on its head. They set the curve. Many are straight-A students and members of Phi Beta Kappa. They are valedictorians, student government officers, and scholar athletes. They are published journal authors and recipients of numerous scholarships and fellowships for graduate study. They lead class discussions, and they inspire admiration in other students. The sheer magnitude of the program, with roughly 50 to 60 students in each incoming cohort, demonstrates that exceptional minority students are not an exception.

While their achievements cause scholars to stand out among their peers, they are not set apart from other students. Nor is the program isolated within the university it impacts students on campus and fits squarely with UMBC’s broader culture and strategic goals.

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Alumni Scholars

Kyla McMullen (M13)

Isaac Kinde (M13)

Nicole Wallace (M19)


Chelsea Pinnix (M7)
reid copy 
Jason Reid (M15)
Carla Valenzuela (M18)