Alumni Giving


Your academic and career achievements of Meyerhoff Scholars Program graduates speak volumes about the programs impact. However, the level of support of the program by its own alumni is just as important in measuring the program’s success over time.

Participation in giving back presents an annual opportunity for alumni to demonstrate both their appreciation for the program that gave them so much, and their commitment to future Meyerhoff Scholars.

Why Give Back?

As a graduate of the Meyerhoff Scholars Program, you know the experience you were given at UMBC was priceless. In these hard economic times, it becomes necessary to think realistically about the costs of the Meyerhoff Scholars Program. Although the program remains strong, alumni support is necessary to maintain the resources that make it so successful, including:

    • Scholarship (tuition, fees, room and board)
    • Summer Bridge instruction, transportation, room, board, activities, textbook/materials
    • Student conferences, seminars and summer internships
    • Marketing and recruitment and day-to-day administrative operations



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